Saturday, December 6, 2008


The other day at work some nurses were talking about large catholic families and how those families don't believe in birth control because they believe in NFP. What frustrated me so much was to hear them talk about it and the asinine comments they made. None of them were even close to being educated on what it is or how it works. I wanted to ask if they thought NFP was a 24/7 sex fest to try and be pregnant everytime you are fertile. Let's face it that is not what it is. Its being disciplined enough to know when you are fertile and when you aren't and to treat that fertility with respect. Why can't people understand that. Then what upset me even more is they proceeded to ask me why birth control was wrong in the eyes of the church and I said one of the major reasons is that BC is an abortifacient. One nurse said to me well that means it did its job. How apalling I can't even begin to think of harming any future children Randy and I might have by being on BC. It also made me sad to know that human life meant so little to my colleagues.

I can honestly say at this point I don't want to be a mom to 10 children or 18 like the famous Duggar Family. I can also say that I hope Randy and I don't have a menopausal baby, but God has a plan for Randy and I however many children we have. I am glad that there are people out there who do let go and let God. I look at the Duggar Family and I admire Jim and Michelle. Their children are well taken care of, emotionally balanced and morally intact. I also think it is amazing that they have that much love and are so unselfish and giving with that love with their children.

So my mommies out there who are NFPer's help educate the world about what it really is all about. I think it is amazing to be able to have the control to say to Randy now is an awesome time to try and bring another child into the world or now is not the time for us to be doing that let's express our love to each other in other ways.

To all you women out there on BC I hope you have the courage to ask someone who does NFP what's it all about. I think you would find a more satisfying way of seeing how fertility can work for you instead of trying to hide from this beautiful gift God has given us.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my bday so rocktastic yesterday and thanks to Roger (Randy's Boss) for letting us eat on the company dime with the new shop manager. Ted's was super duper awesome.