Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sr. Sophia Grace

Our Friend Sr. Sophia Grace (Kim Huschka) is in town this week and next and it is an amazing blessing to see her. She is a TOR in Ohio. Today we decorated sugar cookies with her and some friends. It is always nice to catch up.
It always takes a while for Aubriella to warm up to people. It is difficult also because there are less habited nuns than there used to be and religious life is difficult to explain to even my soon to be 4 year old let alone my two year old.
Today was a pretty good day for Aubriella she said hi gave a couple of high fives to Sr. Sophia and wasn't her normally super shy self.
I had Brelli's hair up in a pony tail all day and tonight in the bath tub I took her pony out. Of course her hair is all slicked back from the pony. Aubriella looks at me and says look mommy I Sr. Sophia. I said you are? how? She gets close to my face looks me in the eyes and say look. I look back at her and I say because your hair is all slicked back from your pony. She looks at me like how can I not comprehend what she is talking about she is Sr. Sophia Grace and how can I not see!!
Well however she thinks she is Sr. Sophia tonight I hope she will someday consider the religious life just like her momma once did!