Monday, October 10, 2011

My boys

This year for Wyatt's 4 year photos I decided to go the non traditional route with his photos. Instead of going to portrait innovations or JCP I asked a friend who freelances if she would be willing to take pics for us. I went to one of Wyatt's favorite places the Train Museum. I knew he would love it. Katie happened to catch this cute photo of my boys together. I really am not sure why I enjoy it so much but I do. I think it captures how much love and fun they have together. What makes it even more special is that Wyatt for some reason loves the Santa Fe trains if he sees a train he will always ask is it a Santa Fe. Of course Katie had no idea of that when she snapped this photo but there it is in the back the Santa Fe train! Too cute. I am excited to see if after she cleans it up and adds some special effects to it and makes the Santa Fe pop!

Thanks Katie for the awesome photos you took of the kiddos...I will always cherish this little photo of my boys.