Friday, May 22, 2009

A Baptism and More

This blog is long overdue but it has been a little hectic around the O household. For those of you who don't know Aubriella was hospitalized last week for a urinary tract infection. It seems as though she has urinary reflux. It sounds like she will be okay but we are waiting to see a pediatric urologist to get the complete scoop. Enjoy the photos of the baptism and a few of Wyatt and his silliness!!!

I wear my sunglasses to bed so I can so I can see!!!

My Favorite new hat

Think, Think, Think!

Cousin Nic at the Shower

I am one cool dude

My other favorite hat
Oh Dad are we done yet???

Mom, Dad, Aubriella and Godmom Sandy

Great Grandma and Aubriella

Mom and Dad and the Godparents

The first blessing

Uncle Monster and the Little Monster

Two Monkeys and Grandma

Wyatt and his Godfather Uncle Marty

The Newest Heir to the Kingdom of God

Fr. Matt, Randy, Rachel & Aubriella

The Godfather Greg!

Ummmm the Chrism (Mommys favorite smell) I didn't get a bath for almost a week!!!!
The ceremonial "bath"

Daddy and Aubriella

Before the Ceremony

Dad and Aubriella
The Monkey who slept through it all

A short video of the baptism!

Well readers that is all for now. Thanks for all the prayers we recieved while we were in the hospital.