Monday, July 23, 2012

Perfect Weekend

It's been an adventurous weekend. Here is a breakdown of what happened.
Randy dropped his Iphone 4S and the glass broke.
Friday night after dinner out and a little time at the park we were getting ready to leave and the back window in the car broke leading to a costly replacement.
Randy's crucifix necklace that I gave him for his birthday 8 years ago broke. Sad day.
We had a date night.  It wasn't anything extravagant but it was much needed and awesome.
Sunday- After a movie with my parents, they took Aubriella home and the rest of the family went to Dillons.  At the check out a woman said to us.  You are so lucky you have one of each.  I was saddened by her comment not for me but for her.  I don't know if she has children but I know that I am not striving for the "perfect" family in America's eyes.  One of each gender.  I am striving for the perfect family in God's eyes and if that meant only 2 children or 13 children as long as we are striving our best on a daily basis to reach our ultimate goal of Heaven.

The gem that actually made up for the entire weekend was a moment in church.  Church with 3 little one's can always be a challenge.  While the children weren't particularly difficult during mass we did have a few tiny struggles.  An older woman sitting behind us reached out to us after mass and told us that we have a beautiful family and wanted to congratulate us for bringing them to church because that is how they learn.  I almost could have cried right there at that moment.  This stranger who doesn't know us but saw our little family and how were striving for perfection.
I will take this with me all week and hopefully into next Sunday.

So a rough weekend ended on a good note. I guess that's what happens when you sit back and let God take the wheel.  He always provides!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adventures in Sewing

I am not the best at sewing.  In fact if you really know me then you know I have a huge tendency to pick up a project and rarely finish it.  I can also pick up a hobby and at least always try it once.  Case in point: A flannel blanket I started to crochet the edges around before Wyatt was even born (4 years ago) is still in my sewing basket.    A quilt I once attempted to make, and my oldest project to date that I started back in college, a crazy quilt bear.  The only hobby I have picked up and been able to keep up at is my cake decorating and I only do cakes for the children's birthdays and for the occasional friend.  I won't lie someday I am hoping my cake and cookie decorating will be a home business.  I am fairly certain as to why these other crafty hobbies don't get finished.  My mom (God love her) is quite the sewer, and crocheter extrodinaire.  I mean people have offered to pay her for her talent that is how good she is and I am blessed by the fact that she does have this beautiful talent.  My children have some beautiful quilts and blankets and nice hats that I am able to pass on to them some day.  It intimidates me to no avail.  I say to myself frequently I will never be as good as her.  Her reply of course is practice makes perfect and of course I have a problem with the practice.  People don't realize I am neurotic about things in life.  If something I make is not up to my certain standards then I will never show it or serve it to anyone.  Pretty sad right.  We all pride ourselves on the things we do in life but the perfectionist in me won't allow me to put out a poor product. About a month ago I decided to make a taggie blanket for Bernadette because truly I didn't want to spend $20 on a blanket I knew I could make myself.  I was at my mom's house and decided to invade her sewing room and she graciously let me have some left over minky me fabric and some flannel.  I already had some ribbon out there from a previous project she did for me.  I only had to spend about $5 for some more ribbon.  It took me a long time because I had to sew scraps of the minky me together to be big enough for the blanket.  After much frustration with the blanket I actually got to the part where I think alot of people who are trying finish a frustrating project get, I gave up. I didn't care anymore what this taggie blanket looked like. I just wanted to get it done!  I finished it and it is about the ugliest thing I have ever seen but my daughter loves it and that is all that matters.  I did have some fabric to make some capes in my house that never got made and this weekend Randy made the kiddos super hero capes.  You heard/read write he made their capes sewing machine and all.  My husband is pretty amazing in that he actually knows how to use the sewing machine.  He even toyed with the thought of selling them. Maybe it will one day come to fruition. So enjoy these few photos of our sewing adventures this weekend!