Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meet my "Family"

Wow almost a decade ago (that is crazy) God brought together a group of friends.  This group of friends prayed a novena to St. Theresa to bless them with a bouquet of friends and did she make it happen.  Meet the Daisy House Family.  God gives us a family but your friends are the family you choose for yourself.  Two of these girls in the photo I have known since about highschool.  The bride I have known since I returned to Wichita to attend nursing school.  My life has never been richer since I met the former Ms. Lisa Carlino.  Last night I got to witness this beautiful woman marry the man God has been saving for her.  
I know it may seem crazy that but being in this family has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible.  We truly are family in every since of the word.  Over time our family has changed and grown as all families do.  We have welcomed husbands, wives and new lives into our family.  We still continue to make time for family with get togethers.  We are family in every sense of the word.  We act like siblings, we are loyal to each other.  I am pretty sure none of the people would care if my children called them aunt or uncle in fact they would welcome and relish it.  We are there for the ups and downs of each others lives sometimes we do even have disagreements and like all families we have to work it out and move on.
On 12-28-12 our family grew and we are richly blessed to welcome this wonderful man to our family.  I watched my best friend make this life long commitment and I am so blessed to grow old with them and hopefully we will get to help welcome their future lives into our family.  Hopefully this family will be something our children will remember as they grow up and hopefully they too will want a beautiful, moral and as loving a family as this one has been to our family.  
Daisy house we are blessed my friends we are blessed.  I cannot begin to express in words what everyone's friendship has meant to me these past years!  
St. Theresa pray for us.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Heard Lately

Heard in the O household recently.....

While decorating the Christmas tree at my parent's house W and A decided they were "Joseph and Mary" respectively.  I had the step ladder out to help me get the lights on the tree so they were playing on the step ladder.  Of course at first they played together so nicely! Soon "Joseph" was upset because "Mary" wasn't sharing the step ladder.  Then of course B wants in on the action.  "Mary and Joseph" are even less happy about this and then I hear no "baby Jesus" you are too little to climb on the step ladder it's dangerous. Oh the joys of a "little family."  Here's hoping that the Holy Family was a little bit more harmonious.

W- While watching Tom & Jerry- Meme, Tom is not very nice to Jerry.  That's not very nice.  I think to myself why doesn't he apply this same thinking to his sisters instead of acting out a Tom and Jerry scene with them instead!

W is the new resident expert on health and nutrition in our house.  Recently I asked him if he wanted dessert.  He replied no that's not healthy for you mom.  A little bit of sweet is OK but too much and you will get fat.

A-While playing with a nativity scene that my mother so lovingly let us borrow (it's not breakable and unfortunately mine is), She noticed that one wise man is "missing a foot." The wise man and Mary have a conversation concerning his missing foot.  Conveniently Mary has a spare foot laying around.

A- We were listening to Christmas music on the radio on the way home from my parent's house and Jingle Bells was playing.  She decided she would sing her own jingle bells.  Best part is her really emphasizing the Sleigh and Hey!  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Feeding a Family

Since January Randy has worked really really hard at losing weight (Good Job Babes) he to date has lost over 75 lbs!!! I not so much since the birth of Bernadette I have only lost 20 lbs (that does not include the weight I gained with her of which was about 50 lbs so I guess technically I have lost as much as Randy has). Obviously we had to really change our diet to lose the weight we have.  We both bring our lunch to work more often and as a family we have eaten out a lot less than we used to.  Usually only once a week maybe only once every other week.  That is a huge change for us.  We were a family who usually only ate at home maybe two or three times a week.
We usually eat a lot of fresh or frozen veggies, whole grain carbohydrates and very little at that and lean proteins.  I never thought that whole shop for groceries on the outside of the grocery store would ever pertain to me but I can honestly say you will only find me on the inside of the aisles in the grocery store if I am in need of salsa or pickles.  Hey those are a huge staple in this house!!  I just only wish that with shopping on the outside of the grocery store was budget friendly but alas when you are trying to feed your family in a more healthy way being cost effective is not always your friend!!  We have done well with waste most especially on our left overs and wasting less protein.
I am so proud of us and how hard we are trying at feeding our family more healthy foods.
Here are a few of our favorite recipes that we enjoy eating since incorporating our lifestyle change.

Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce

Muffaletta Burgers (the lunch meat isn't healthy but the olive salad is homemade and to die for)

Broccoli Parmesan Fritters---the children absolutely loved these green pancakes!

Garlic Roasted Zucchini-  We also love any kind of veggie roasted with a little balsamic vinegar YUM!

Italian Cassoulet- This is a hit with the kiddos too.  Delish

Not the healthiest meal but also super tasty it just doesn't get eaten too often in this house anymore:
Pioneer Woman's Meatloaf

We have also enjoyed an Italian spinach soup I found on, a caprese chicken I found on Pinterest and a tomato bisque and last but not least carnitas with a homemade tomatillo sauce.

A few recipes I plan to try in the next few weeks

Cashew Chicken Curry

Garden Zucchini Chicken Pizza

Tiny Italian Meatloaves

And this little number that looks super tasty

Hot and Spicy Drip beef

Trying to feed your family more wholesome meals is no easy feat especially when your husband is low carbing it you are constantly trying to make sure that while he is decreasing his carb intake that the kiddos are still getting what they need but I can say this is the best and healthiest we have ever eaten and I enjoy it.  Randy and I  have always been adventurous eaters and we have slowly passed it on to our children.  Case in point at the fish fry's during lent while most children are eating the mac and cheese my children are devouring the shrimp cocktail and fish.  We love to try new foods and eat our colors in our veggies and fruits.  It's not always easy on our pocketbook shopping on the outside of the store but I have enjoyed our little journey into eating better.  Take a walk on the outside perimeter of your local grocery store sometime and imagine the possibilities of a life unprocessed...I dare ya!

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Birthday Party

Another Birthday party in the books.  Another year older.  This year Wyatt wanted a party at All Star Sports and we had lots of friends come to join us.  He was definitely excited to see some friends from day care that we haven't seen since he left to start Kindergarten.  Two of them his best Friends S&C and of course their siblings who Aubriella was also so excited to see.  Despite the rain we were lucky enough to have the rain clear off long enough to ride go carts and get in a round of mini golf.  They played games and of course won prizes!
The cake was a vanilla layer and a Wyatt creation Strawberry Coconut with lemon filling.  It was tasty, this little boy of mine could have a future as a cake maker :)!
I of course made the cake and while Wyatt wanted an extravaganza of super heroes IE Transformers, Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Avengers his cake decorator wasn't up for quite a challenge so we went with a Star Wars, Transformers theme and thanks to my husband and Wyatt for his help with decorating the stars I think it turned out pretty nice.  Wyatt was pleased and that is half the battle!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Wyatt

I love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Wyatt.  I look back on the baby you were to the little boy that you are and I am excited to see the Man you will become!  These last 5 years have been an adventurous journey and I embrace this new chapter in our lives as you begin your journeys in school.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am not quite sure when this 
sweet baby boy......

Became this sweet child

But it happened and it happened right before my very eyes and lately I have been thinking alot about changes.  I have heard from my mommy friends frequently that they hate, loathe, despise CHANGE!!!
I think about the time before Wyatt when Randy and I first got married.  We were ready for change ready for our family.  We were ecstatic about the change that was coming we embraced it.  The change gradually came.  I think God has actually been preparing me for the change of Wyatt's childhood years and the start this new chapter of Elementary School.
Before I even knew I was pregnant change was afoot in my body.  2 cells came together and thus Wyatt began.  Change was amazingly rapid before I found out I was pregnant.  I was elated beyond belief.  I knew then to expect change.  I embraced the change, the good, the bad and the ugly and trust me my friends there was ugly and lots of it.  Wyatt was born and slowly hours became days, days became weeks, the weeks became months and the months became years.  Wyatt has changed physically, mentally and emotionally, so has our family, so have Randy and I as has our marriage.
God has slowly been preparing this family for the change that will take place tomorrow.  Wyatt's first day of Kindergarten is a scary, emotional time for me.  I have a million thoughts and questions in my head about what might happen tomorrow and how this little boy that I love so much will handle this change tomorrow.
The only thing I can do Trust in God and know that this change as the old saying goes "is Good."
So mommy friends I know that this week has been hard on some of us but put this change where it belongs into the hands of God and know that He is and always will be slowly preparing us for the change that is coming if only we open our eyes, ears and hearts to it.  The change that is coming may not be quite as bad as we make it out to be!