Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meet my "Family"

Wow almost a decade ago (that is crazy) God brought together a group of friends.  This group of friends prayed a novena to St. Theresa to bless them with a bouquet of friends and did she make it happen.  Meet the Daisy House Family.  God gives us a family but your friends are the family you choose for yourself.  Two of these girls in the photo I have known since about highschool.  The bride I have known since I returned to Wichita to attend nursing school.  My life has never been richer since I met the former Ms. Lisa Carlino.  Last night I got to witness this beautiful woman marry the man God has been saving for her.  
I know it may seem crazy that but being in this family has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible.  We truly are family in every since of the word.  Over time our family has changed and grown as all families do.  We have welcomed husbands, wives and new lives into our family.  We still continue to make time for family with get togethers.  We are family in every sense of the word.  We act like siblings, we are loyal to each other.  I am pretty sure none of the people would care if my children called them aunt or uncle in fact they would welcome and relish it.  We are there for the ups and downs of each others lives sometimes we do even have disagreements and like all families we have to work it out and move on.
On 12-28-12 our family grew and we are richly blessed to welcome this wonderful man to our family.  I watched my best friend make this life long commitment and I am so blessed to grow old with them and hopefully we will get to help welcome their future lives into our family.  Hopefully this family will be something our children will remember as they grow up and hopefully they too will want a beautiful, moral and as loving a family as this one has been to our family.  
Daisy house we are blessed my friends we are blessed.  I cannot begin to express in words what everyone's friendship has meant to me these past years!  
St. Theresa pray for us.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Heard Lately

Heard in the O household recently.....

While decorating the Christmas tree at my parent's house W and A decided they were "Joseph and Mary" respectively.  I had the step ladder out to help me get the lights on the tree so they were playing on the step ladder.  Of course at first they played together so nicely! Soon "Joseph" was upset because "Mary" wasn't sharing the step ladder.  Then of course B wants in on the action.  "Mary and Joseph" are even less happy about this and then I hear no "baby Jesus" you are too little to climb on the step ladder it's dangerous. Oh the joys of a "little family."  Here's hoping that the Holy Family was a little bit more harmonious.

W- While watching Tom & Jerry- Meme, Tom is not very nice to Jerry.  That's not very nice.  I think to myself why doesn't he apply this same thinking to his sisters instead of acting out a Tom and Jerry scene with them instead!

W is the new resident expert on health and nutrition in our house.  Recently I asked him if he wanted dessert.  He replied no that's not healthy for you mom.  A little bit of sweet is OK but too much and you will get fat.

A-While playing with a nativity scene that my mother so lovingly let us borrow (it's not breakable and unfortunately mine is), She noticed that one wise man is "missing a foot." The wise man and Mary have a conversation concerning his missing foot.  Conveniently Mary has a spare foot laying around.

A- We were listening to Christmas music on the radio on the way home from my parent's house and Jingle Bells was playing.  She decided she would sing her own jingle bells.  Best part is her really emphasizing the Sleigh and Hey!