Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baptism Day

 Bernadette was baptized on Sunday. You know what I love most about a baptism well besides that my baby is washed of original sin, the chrism. Thats right I love that smell. I am not quite sure what it is about the chrism but I always ask the priest to apply it heavily and I usually don't wash my little one's hair for about a week after the baptism I love that smell so much!!  I used the baptismal gown that my mom had made for my brothers and I.  I have used this gown for the other two children as well.  One of these days I think I will get it embroidered with my and my brothers baptism dates and then with my children's baptism dates and someday maybe I will be lucky enough to hand it down my beautiful little children.

I made the cake and while it was super tasty I used a new buttercream icing recipe and the icing was amazing but it was just hard to frost the cake so I wasn't quite as pleased with how the cake looked had I used a different icing.
It was nice to get together with family and close friends and celebrate Bernadette.  She is such a sweet baby and I love her so much.  Here are a few pics of our little chunky monkey love.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome Bernadette Grace

Two weeks ago tomorrow Randy and I welcomed another blessing into our lives Bernadette Grace. She is such a sweet baby and Wyatt and Brelli are doing very well with her.
Bernadette definitely "Graced" us with her presence in a way I was not expecting. A week before my scheduled C Section I started having some lower back pain and just started feeling poopy the night before. I got up and went to work on Friday like usual but had texted Randy telling him I just felt off all day. I came home from work and decided about 8 pm that maybe I should think about deciding if I should go to the hospital. I have been lucky enough to never have gone into labor before so I wasn't sure if I was having contractions or not. Randy took the kids to his parents house then came back home and got me. We arrived at the hospital and then I was hooked up to the monitor. I was not expecting to see anything but sure enough there it was. I was having contractions pretty regular too every 3-4 minutes but I could still talk through them. I was dilated to a 1 and they would give me an hour to see if I progressed any. Unfortunately we were not having a baby on 11-11-11, I was sad yet kind of happy too because I was not ready I had plans for the next week before little Bernadette was scheduled to be in my arms.
Saturday I just did my own thing despite still having contractions that were pretty regular. I had refused to go back to the hospital I knew they weren't going to let me have a baby yet. Sunday morning I had been up since about 5 am the contractions were getting stronger and I finally decided to suck it up and go back to the hospital. After my mom came and got the kiddos, Randy and I went back to the hospital. I was still having contractions every 3-4 minutes but I was still dilated to a 1. I got another hour to see if I would progress. This time I opted to go and walk for that time period. While we were walking I felt like I kept feeling something wet at my ankle but decided it was my imagination because surely my water hadn't broke.
We went back upstairs to antepartum and I was rechecked the only progress I had made was being effaced 10% more. I am not gonna lie I cried then my nurse came in and I tried to hide my tears I was embarrassed and I didn't want her to see my emotion I mean come on I was only dilated to a 1 and it was only the beginning stages of labor. I was surely made of stronger stuff than this.
We went home and met up with my parents later that afternoon and saw Puss n boots with the kids and my brother and his son. I sat through that movie and had contractions up until the last 15 minutes it sucked!! We went home and I finally decided that I was going to need to get packing a hospital bag. I had a BPP the next day at my OB's office and I was determined to see him. I was going to convince him to let me have this baby. I didn't think he would let me but I was going beg, plead cry whatever it took to have this little girl sooner rather than later!
I got Bernadette packed but didn't really pack anything for myself. I got up Monday about 100 am and sat in the living room drinking some water to see if it would help with my contractions. Shortly thereafter my two little ones also woke up and came out and sat with me. The kids probably sat with me for about an hour and then I sent them back to bed. Finally at about 530 I decided I should try to go and get some sleep despite having my BPP soon I also knew I was going to have to work the next two days. I went and laid down and cried waking Randy up and he said if its that uncomfortable why don't we go back to the hospital. I told him no I was determined to wait for Dr. Feuille and I didn't want to be sent home for a third time that is just embarrassing plus I refused to have another cervical check by a resident it hurt worse than any contraction I had yet to experience.
Randy decided to come to my BPP with me that morning just in case we might have a baby. We drove separately though. We went to the BPP and the sonographer said everything looked good except our fluid level. I have never been so happy to fail a BPP ever! We went back to see Dr. Feuille and he called the hospital they said if we can be there in 10 minutes then we could go at 11 am. I said I can be there in how ever many minutes you need me to be!!
This was it I had been hoping for this all weekend but also I was a little sad. I still had made plans to have a day with the kids so we could have some time before their new sibling arrived.
It was kind of a whirlwind of events. I think I was more emotional with Bernadette's birth than the other two because I had time to prepare myself for their arrival. The whole time we were in the OR suite I was shivering not because of the cold but also because of the nerves. Dr. Feuille arrived and they got started 20 minutes later out came our little girl. She weighed 9lbs 15oz and was 20 3/4 inches long. She is so beautiful and I am so enamored with her. I don't know if it was because it has been longer between babies for us this time, the fact that everything happened so quickly or because we had so many other complications this pregnancy than with the other two or because I also know that Bernadette could be my last baby. We could be done and it makes me sad.

I think the least favorite question I have had this pregnancy is are we done is she the last baby for us. Honestly I don't know she could be and she could not be I don't know God's plans for our family but until the time when we have decided that we aren't called to have anymore children I am going to enjoy my three beautiful gifts from God and cherish every moment we have!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My boys

This year for Wyatt's 4 year photos I decided to go the non traditional route with his photos. Instead of going to portrait innovations or JCP I asked a friend who freelances if she would be willing to take pics for us. I went to one of Wyatt's favorite places the Train Museum. I knew he would love it. Katie happened to catch this cute photo of my boys together. I really am not sure why I enjoy it so much but I do. I think it captures how much love and fun they have together. What makes it even more special is that Wyatt for some reason loves the Santa Fe trains if he sees a train he will always ask is it a Santa Fe. Of course Katie had no idea of that when she snapped this photo but there it is in the back the Santa Fe train! Too cute. I am excited to see if after she cleans it up and adds some special effects to it and makes the Santa Fe pop!

Thanks Katie for the awesome photos you took of the kiddos...I will always cherish this little photo of my boys.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something Beautiful

This last year and a half has been one that I have learned to truly put my faith and trust in our Heavenly Father and know in my heart that it will all be ok. Let me take you on my journey.
Do you ever feel that some days music is God's way of speaking to your soul? I do all the time. More so when I was in college and boys would come and go and a song would touch me in just the right way and I would know that it was all going to be ok.
Last year in September as I was going through a very hard time personally I had begun listening to christian radio. I have always been an R&B, rap, top 40's kind of girl. There was this song Something Beautiful by Need to Breathe. It came on the radio and the lyrics really touched me. "I just want something beautiful" I felt like that was my anthem. I just wanted something beautiful and I was continually asking God to give it to me. I was down on my knees and in reach of His awesome power He could give me my something beautiful anytime He wanted even though I wasn't exactly sure what that something beautiful was.
I heard "my" song on the way to one of my to one of my first interviews I had when I started looking for something different outside the hospital. I knew then at that moment that everything was going to be ok. My something beautiful was on its way. I got the job and even though it wasn't what I expected God delivered. Through the months I heard the song occassionally especially when I was down and it always seemed to uplift me no matter what was going on in my life. It just seemed to be God's reminder to me that even though I was down and out there was something beautiful still waiting for me.
Then Randy was approached about a new job and while it was a process that took longer than we expected I knew if I continued to trust in God all would be alright.
I did and everyday we waited it seemed like one day we were closer to God's will for our family and then the next day it was like we were miles away. I look back and realize I never heard "my" anthem song during that time of waiting for Randy and whatever job may happen for him. I do know I played that song on you tube a few times for myself as a little reminder that He still had something beautiful in store for us but that we weren't quite ready to accept and appreciate what that something beautiful was.
2.5 weeks ago Randy got offered that job and while it was exactly what we were looking for and knew he would be happy there I had some concerns. They are simple concerns at that. It was with a new company and my concern was what if they weren't able to make it, and what would happen to us, and other little things. I thought maybe I will hear "my" song and that will help guide me and let me know its ok. I didn't hear that song before Randy accepted the offer. I heard something beautiful a few days after Randy accepted the offer for the new position, but you know what that was ok but it was God's way of saying "Rachel I know have some concerns but you have been open and trusted me this far know that I will continue to take care of you." I broke down in my car sobbing because I didn't have anything to fear God was going to take care of us He had already gotten us this far.
Today I saw the maternal fetal specialist and of course I had concerns but kept telling myself if my OB was that concerned about my labs I would already have a baby in my arms as opposed to her still being in utero.
I get in my car to go to this appointment and there is "my" song Something beautiful on the radio as I get it and turn on the car. Awesome!! I knew right then that it was going to be ok. I called Randy and told him you don't have to come if you don't want to its going to be ok. He said how do you know. I said I just heard my song. He knows my history with this song so he knew what I was talking about.
You know what it was ok!
The amazing thing is that through this last year I have learned to put more trust in God and that the majority of the time if you are open to Him it is easy to know His will for you.
I just think would I have progressed this far in my faith this last year if it weren't for this song who knows but I am glad it has been there to help remind me of everything Something Beautiful that I do have in my life!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cows, Horses and Cowboys Oh My Wait with a Birthday Too!

August has been quite the busy month. Wyatt's Grandpa took him to Great Grandma's (Granny as we lovingly call her)House in Pritchett, CO. It was hard for me to let him go because he has only been on one other road trip to Liberal to see his cousin Jenna and only for a night. He went and had quite the adventure. He got to ride the horses with Faith (whom he lovingly calls Maith sorry Faith :(). See the cows. He also to to help feed the chickens and help feed the bottle calves. His two cousins from Texas came up also and joined in on the fun. I know he had a wonderful time with Allison and Lauren. Two days later Randy left with Aubriella and made the trek to CO to pick Wyatt up and even though Brell was reluctant to ride a horse she had a wonderful time with Wolf the dog and helping feed the bottle calves.
I am so sad to have missed their adventures but since I had just started working with Wichita Surgical Specialists I am not eligible to take any vacay yet and I have to save up whatever vacation I can for when this new little bean joins us!
After the CO adventure we were preparing for Wyatt's birthday. Thank goodness for nesting because that really came in handy for me while getting the house cleaned up and more organized.
We had another pool party this year and Wyatt really enjoyed it. We even invited a few friends from preschool to come and he really liked that. The cake turned out better than I expected. I was sad it was a little leaning tower or pisa but oh well it was quite heavy with all of the fondant on it and all! Wyatt really liked the cake and that is all that matters.
All is going well for our little family. Randy started the fall garden and hopefully it will be more bountiful than our summer garden.
This is one pregnant lady who is happy that summer is almost over and that fall is coming upon us quickly because this heat is wearing me out.
I do love the fall and having open windows.

Enjoy the photos and until next post!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A prime example of what only Grandpa's can get away with!

The photos speak for themselves!! Perfect photos to show to a future girlfriend or boyfriend!! Thanks Da for letting the kids get dirty!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sr. Sophia Grace

Our Friend Sr. Sophia Grace (Kim Huschka) is in town this week and next and it is an amazing blessing to see her. She is a TOR in Ohio. Today we decorated sugar cookies with her and some friends. It is always nice to catch up.
It always takes a while for Aubriella to warm up to people. It is difficult also because there are less habited nuns than there used to be and religious life is difficult to explain to even my soon to be 4 year old let alone my two year old.
Today was a pretty good day for Aubriella she said hi gave a couple of high fives to Sr. Sophia and wasn't her normally super shy self.
I had Brelli's hair up in a pony tail all day and tonight in the bath tub I took her pony out. Of course her hair is all slicked back from the pony. Aubriella looks at me and says look mommy I Sr. Sophia. I said you are? how? She gets close to my face looks me in the eyes and say look. I look back at her and I say because your hair is all slicked back from your pony. She looks at me like how can I not comprehend what she is talking about she is Sr. Sophia Grace and how can I not see!!
Well however she thinks she is Sr. Sophia tonight I hope she will someday consider the religious life just like her momma once did!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A busy month!

Well it has been a busy time. With Aubriella's birthday and easter. We have had fun with family. I included a few photos of the garden too so everyone can see how prosperous our summer bounty will be. I am so excited!! I am sad that Aurbiella's birthday cake did not turn out like I wanted but there is always next year! I went to daycare one day with the kids and had a really nice breakfast called 'Muffins with Moms' it is there little special way of celebrating mothers day. I really enjoyed myself watching the kids play and Wyatt sing with all of his friends! We are truly blessed!!

The Bountiful Garden

Tomatoes and Kale

Brussel Sprouts

One last View

Muffins with Moms at School

Muffins with Moms

On the phone

My bed when Randy is out of town

Mater Teeth

Mater Teeth

Ice Cream with Jenna

Painting ceramics with Jenna

Aubriella's Duck

Wyatt's Sneaky Snake

Jenna's Butterfly

Brelli's Birthday Dinner Homemade Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Sampling the goods

Getting Ready

Our Valentine's Day Presents

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's with the Cousins

Dyeing Easter Eggs at Sandy's

Blue Hand

Waiting patiently for eggs to dye

The biggest kid joining in Uncle Marty

Getting ready for the egg dyeing eggstravaganza

Lauren and Zac practicing the crawl

What a sweet smile

Wagon Fun

Little Lauren

Enjoying Birthday Presents and Candy

Not sure about this face

Sneaking Cake

Not the cake I wanted but she liked it!

Play Doh Party

Nic and Sandy