Monday, November 1, 2010

Where to begin it has been a busy summer and a busy busy fall. Our friend SSG came to visit and we had a bbq that was a lot of fun it was the second annual bbq with her and hopefully it will continue every year she is home. We have been to the zoo several times with cousins. We did the Heart Walk with CTICU and Wyatt really liked it. After the walk I started running with a friend to try to train for a 5K. Running was kind of a hit and miss but Wyatt always seemed to enjoy trying to run with me. He never did figure out how to run in a straight line. We really have enjoyed our run and the fall he did a fun/run walk with me and it was great!!! We celebrated his 3rd birthday. I made his birthday cake myself and I think it turned out very well. We had a pool party at our house. Wyatt really enjoyed it. Then came the pumpkin patch and Halloween. Randy made Wyatt's halloween costume fire engine mater! Enjoy the photos!

A Pumpkin so sweet

Tow Mater Rescue Fire Engine

Halloween Party

So Sweet!!

Fun Run with Wyatt....he walked/ran the whole mile

Warming up

Waiting to Cheer Some Runners On

Waiting to See Mom Run the 5K

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Hay Ride

On the Farm

Picking out a pumpkin

Crazy Drivers

A Better Choice Run

Fun Run for the kids!!

Finishing it out with my favorite little support runner

Pool Party Fun

Pool Party

Brelli Brelli

The Birthday Cake

All Ready to Swim

Thomas Shirt

Birthday Card

Helping with the icing

I love Frosting

Its my favorite

Little Helpers

Still Helping

A beautiful Couple

Sand Box Fun

Heart Walk

Heart Walk

Taming the Tiger

Zoo Time

Zoo with Jenna

A night with SSG

Hanging with the Ladies