Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Long Since A Post

So I know it has been a while since I posted and I do need to post some photo and I do have some good ones, but I have been busy especially since I went back to work last week.

The first day back at the hospital was hard. I cried when I left the little ones at daycare. I was later surprised that day with some welcome back to work flowers from the wee was a very nice surprise. This is my second week back and I am slowly getting into the grove so that is good but it is still hard to find my footing some days. I also found out last week that I will be helping train a new nurse on the unit. No good I am not a fan of precepting but I have been doing this 4 years now and just need to get with the program of realizing that helping to train the newbies is a good thing.

I have been actually thinking about trying to find a second job something where I just work one day a week so I can take a carribean vacay next year away from the wee ones. One where I will not be preggo either would definately be ideal.

Randy is currently trying to sand and refinish a dresser for the kids room for all of Aubriella's clothing. I am just trying to get rid of some toys and clothes so that I can have more room for all of the new toys we will be acquiring for the little girl. Trying to be organized for two kids is hard. Soon she will be moving out of our room and that will be kind of nice. This last week she slept through the night about 3 nights in a row so that is nice. I like it. Maybe by the time we move her over to her room she will be sleeping the night every night. That would be great for Wyatt's sake. I am worried that she will wake him up when she wakes up to eat.

We took Wyatt swimming at the Y a few weeks ago and it was great. He is so fun to watch. He has no fear which I kind of bad but I swear he fell into the water on purpose.

I just found out that National NFP Awareness Week is in July that is exciting maybe Wichita will do something to celebrate it.

And to wrap up for all you inquiring minds out there no we do not have a nickname picked out for the little girl yet. Pretty much we call her Aubriella cause ya know that is her name.

Promise to post some photos later and a cute video of Wyatt dancing!!!!