Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who's Who

So its been forever since a post and I honestly didn't think the last time I had posted was in September but here is a fun little game.....I ran across a pic of Wyatt in the tub from when he was about Aubriella's age and instantly thought I had taken it of her but it wasn't so tell me who you think who is.....and I will let you know if you are right!!! Christmas was pretty fantastic here we celebrated for 8 days and let the kids open a new present each day and it ended this morning...work has been a bit of a downer there have not been as many patients in the hospital so we haven't been working as much which totally sucks on the bank account but they keep telling us it will get better!!! Just want to wish everyone a happy new year and hope it is full of blessings, wonderful adventures and fun!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Fun and So Much More

Mom has been such a procrastinator of late that Aubriella and I have hijacked the computer and posted some pics. She has been telling me how she needs to post about the birthday party and everything else we have been busy doing lately. She keeps saying she is so busy. What is so busy about Aubriella and I. We are the two best well behaved kids I know and we are so much fun. Being a big brother is kind of fun when Aubriella cries I like to hold her hand and make her feel better unfortunately for me she is almost ready to crawl so soon I won't be able to torture her as much. I am two now and I am talking more everyday. I can count to three with a little help from mom or dad. We have been very busy since the first of August. A birthday party for me and then Granny had a birthday party and we got to road trip to Colorado for that. We stayed with Uncle Marty in his new house that was fun. I got to ride a tractor with grandpa around granny's farm. Grandma has been giving us lots of butterflies to let go and that is awesome to watch them fly away. I even took some to day care to share with all of my school friends. We went to the airshow and saw the jelly belly tour bus. This month is going to be even busier. We are having a Halloween party for all my friends and the pumpkin patch. Plus with the weather so nice we will probably be going to the zoo more often. I can hardly wait for all the adventures to come. Enjoy the photos of us!!!!

A burito in the Bears blanket

Jumping is Hard Work

On the Jelly Belly tour Bus

Hanging with Brella in Bed

Reading books

My dad the Hot Dog

What a Beautiful Family

On the Tractor with Grandpa

Driving around

At Granny's Birthday

Playing with the Trains at the Party

On the Blackhawk with Caleb and Nick

Chillin on the Blackhawk

The Air Show

Nick and Caleb at the Air Show

Dad and I

Which Way to the Gym

Sleeping with the Fat Cat

Holding the Catepillar

10 lbs of CANDY

Mia taking a swing

Caleb taking a swing at the pinata

Nic taking a hit

Batters Up Jenna

Trying to patiently wait for Monster Truck

Oh Monster Truck I want to play with you

Aubriella as sweet as can be!

Trains, planes and automobiles

What a rocktastic cake

Nic Hanging out

The Birthday Boy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For all you Football Fans

Here a few of the new tricks we taught Wyatt these last few weeks. This week Aubriella turns 4 months and in a little less than a weeks and a half Wyatt will be two!!!

PS Sandy he says that you say I love Troy!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Until my video is done

Nic's Zoo visit reminds me vaguely of his first zoo visit!!!

Visiting the Zoo is hard work!!!

Having Fun in the Sun

Sister Sophia Grace

My Favorite Man and his Brother (PS Marty you are the brother not my favorite man)

Dad and Wyatt having some fun

Caleb and Nick enjoying some sweet corn

What a face

Look at those two cute babies
Marty and Sandy we are working on a special project for you stay tuned

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nothing New but some Cuteness!!!!

This toy basket is the best toy ever!!!

HMMMMM what do I want to eat

Taking after my mom and her love of Corn!!!

Yummo Corn

Still enjoying this sweet corn on the cob

Momma's Monkey's

I do love a good hand

Seriously mom enough with the camera

Cleaning up my face

Time to wash up

Cherry Banana Popsicle delish

Shark PJ's and Shark slippers

Let's go Bye Bye

Helping Meme eat waffle bowl

Sissy dreaming about ice cream and waffle bowl

Ice Cream Yum!!!

Here mom try some!

I think I see the problem

Uh Oh where did the cup go????

Dad's song for me!