Thursday, February 16, 2012


Life has been so busy for us these past few months!  I went back to work the day after Christmas and it has been hard at first it was okay but as time has progressed my goal to be at home in 3 years seems like it is so far away and I hate it!
Things that make it ok...A supportive husband who even though he spends the majority of his time working hard for us so that I can reach my goal he is such a good dad, husband and person in general.  I love him so much and Thank our Heavenly Father for him every single day. 

Wyatt and his antics.  He is such a good brother to Bernadette and Aubriella it makes my heart sing.  He is always trying to make sure Bernadette is ok or make her smile.  The other night he was "playing" his cars guitar for her and dancing around in his underwear (I know but at least he had underwear on) and he said, "Mom, Bernadette is dancing too!" She wasn't dancing but that's ok he is bonding with her and that is all that matters.  He loves Transformers especially Bumblebee and tells me everyday he will be a scientist someday. I always ask what kind of scientist and he tells me a good one.  Somedays he and Brelli are best friends and other days worst enemies but luckily I think the best friend days outweigh the enemy days!

Aubriella....oh Brelli Bean!  She has never been my easy going child but she is still my strong willed stubborn little girl and I love her.  She and Bernadette are getting along well.  Last week she sat and read her a book it was oh so sweet!  I am pretty sure it was a llama llama book.  Llama Llama misses momma is currently in our #1 slot of favorite books.  The daycare will be getting a rat this weekend and she is so excited and eagerly awaiting this new little "friend."  It's hard to believe that soon my little baby girl will be 3.  Somedays I can't wait and other days I don't want her to grow up.  I am proud to say though she is 100% daytime potty trained!! Yay and because of that we got to come off of one of our antibiotics. That is exciting stuff!
Bernadette Grace is currently smiling all the time...she has periods of time when she smiles alot and then she won't smile for anything.  She hates tummy time but is on the verge of rolling over.  It will happen sooner than I want or expect it to but nonetheless they all grow up.  She always seems to smiles the most in her swing and it is usually at nothing but I like to think it is her Guardian Angel or our Mother Mary that she smiles at!  I can't wait to see the months to come and what they hold for this little girl.

On a side note and a few days after I started this blog post I saw on the news today that the Duggar Family said they would continue to be open to life.  I have to say Congratulations to them their children seem happy and healthy and you can tell that the Duggar Family loves life and is in love with living life and living their life for God.  They currently have no debt whatsoever nor do they receive any government assistance.
To all you naysayers out there I only say this.  A woman's fertility is between two people and one supernatural person.  A husband and wife and God and that is it no one else.  Many times people ask is Bernadette our last child I don't know I honestly don't.  I don't know God's plan for our family I like to think she isn't that maybe we will have one or two more children but she could be our last baby.  Until God's plan is revealed to us then please stay out of our bedroom and anybody else's bedroom for that matter.  I applaud the Duggar's for being so strong and accepting more life into their hearts and home!  We could all take a lesson from them.