Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome Spring

Spring has Sprung and with that comes our Vegetable Garden. I am so excited. This is actually the first year we have been on the ball to do a spring Garden. Delish I can hardly wait to start eating our yummy veggies. It is good to be outside and soak up some sun and watch the kids run around. I also love having eh house opened up and getting the shining sun inside!

I can remember as a little girl always having a garden. My parents tell me when I was a little girl I would go out and eat the asparagus straight from the ground dirt and all. I was only 2 so cut me some slack here. It is nice to pass on a little something like this to our children. Not eating the asparagus straight from the ground but having a garden. Wyatt is already talking about the funny carrots we are going to eat. He even helped plant the onions. He has such pride in helping with the garden.

My dad always taught us to enjoy the simple things in life. Whether that be camping outside in a tent. No camper camping for us. My favorite time was always winter camping with my dad. Snow would be on the ground but we always stayed warm. We would go out in the summer time at 4 AM to watch the meteor showers, catch lightening bugs, play catch. My absolute favorite was when dad would get ready to till the ground for the summer garden. I would frequently go out with him and help with the rototiller. We would never wear shoes. I know not the safest but hey it was awesome. The warmth of the sun with the slight breeze the smell of grass but also the sweet smell of the freshly tilled dirt. The squish of it between my toes was the most amazing feeling ever.
Imagine my surprise when Sunday Night Randy is preparing the garden for some planting and here comes my little girl around the corner with no shoes on running through the dirt and passing it through her hands and squishing it. Of course big brother joins in on the fun. It would make my dad proud!
The spring always reminds me of what Eden would have been like. Always beautiful like a spring day with a slight breeze the shining sun. An abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Who knows but hopefully we will get to experience that Eden someday in Heaven until then I will enjoy my little piece of Eden right here with my beautiful family!