Monday, November 1, 2010

Where to begin it has been a busy summer and a busy busy fall. Our friend SSG came to visit and we had a bbq that was a lot of fun it was the second annual bbq with her and hopefully it will continue every year she is home. We have been to the zoo several times with cousins. We did the Heart Walk with CTICU and Wyatt really liked it. After the walk I started running with a friend to try to train for a 5K. Running was kind of a hit and miss but Wyatt always seemed to enjoy trying to run with me. He never did figure out how to run in a straight line. We really have enjoyed our run and the fall he did a fun/run walk with me and it was great!!! We celebrated his 3rd birthday. I made his birthday cake myself and I think it turned out very well. We had a pool party at our house. Wyatt really enjoyed it. Then came the pumpkin patch and Halloween. Randy made Wyatt's halloween costume fire engine mater! Enjoy the photos!

A Pumpkin so sweet

Tow Mater Rescue Fire Engine

Halloween Party

So Sweet!!

Fun Run with Wyatt....he walked/ran the whole mile

Warming up

Waiting to Cheer Some Runners On

Waiting to See Mom Run the 5K

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Hay Ride

On the Farm

Picking out a pumpkin

Crazy Drivers

A Better Choice Run

Fun Run for the kids!!

Finishing it out with my favorite little support runner

Pool Party Fun

Pool Party

Brelli Brelli

The Birthday Cake

All Ready to Swim

Thomas Shirt

Birthday Card

Helping with the icing

I love Frosting

Its my favorite

Little Helpers

Still Helping

A beautiful Couple

Sand Box Fun

Heart Walk

Heart Walk

Taming the Tiger

Zoo Time

Zoo with Jenna

A night with SSG

Hanging with the Ladies

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Potty Training???

Not exactly what I had in mind when we started potty training Wyatt but at least it puts a smile on your face!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

An Update and More

I keep telling myself I need to update more and I do but it is hard to find the time....what with two kiddos running about and a husband who is constantly traveling it is difficult to find the time. We are all doing well here and Aubriella is just picking things up. Just this week Wyatt is jumping around acting like his normal monkey self and I see Aubriella trying to jump it is just too cute. I thought Wyatt was a quick learner when he was younger but she surpasses him. I just love to see how my children are learning. For weeks Wyatt has struggled with identifying yellow and red and just yesterday he did. He is still big into trains some days I think he needs an intervention where that is concerned. Aubriella has no real interests in anything she will play with just about anything. Her new thing is to pick up a bag any bag it doesn't matter and to walk around the house with it and say bye bye. It is too cute.
As you can see we have been busy since our last post. I have been taking a cake decorating class and I really enjoyed it so much so that I have enrolled in course 2 so we will see how that goes. We took Wyatt to Walking with Dinosaurs and for weeks all we would hear is roarrrrr and when we would ask him to roar a little bit more quietly he would reply I am being a dinosaur.
We also had Aubriella's bday and I really was saddened by how my cake turned out and looked but hopefully if I keep up with class next years will look much better. We will see how Wyatt's bday cake turns out I think that will be the deciding factor for me. There are a few videos went went to the new zoo out in Goddard and the kids really enjoyed seeing the lemurs. Wyatt being a dinosaur and Aubriella's version of where is brella rose. She is so cute. Next week we are very excited to see Sr. Sophia Grace on Wednesday and have a bbq for her. Also I am getting ready to sell some items in a garage sale with some friends so hopefully we will make some money. Also next week Jenna will be in town and Wyatt is very excited to see her. On Friday we are taking her to the Goddard Zoo and hopefully she will enjoy it as much as our kiddos do. I will be sure to take plenty of pics of them interacting and promise not to be so long in between posts this time. Enjoy the photos and the videos!!

Good Morning World!!!

My new favorite past time taking my diaper off!!

Me and my diaper

A handsome baby boy

What she did while trying to upload pics run around naked!





Baby T Rex and Walking with Dinosaurs

Watching Baby T Rex

Baby T Rex

Walking with dinosaurs free event

Checking it out

A Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

The Cake I made

Another Shot of the Birthday Cake

The Birthday Girl

Bears Cheerleader

Opening Presents

Caleb and Aubriella

Silly Wyatt

Aubriella and her Dog

Too Cute for Words

The Lemurs at tangnyka