Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The hubby and I only watch a few reality shows. For some reason this year I was compelled to watch The Bachelor. I was intrigued by this man who wanted to find a wife for himself and a mother for his son. Last night it was the final rose and he picked the girl that I liked and wanted him to pick. Then they had a special on after the rose ceremony and he dumped her because things just weren't the same and he said he had feelings for the other girl that he thought he might marry. His fiance said to him so you don't want to fight for me to make it work. It had only been 6 weeks and the 6 weeks prior to that he had been dating several other women.
It just made me sad nobody is willing to fight for anything anymore and that is what we are teaching our children that nothing is worth fighting for even love. I think this man Jason will never be happy with whoever he is with he kept telling all these women that they were completing a part of him that before them he was missing a piece of himself. It made me think of Jason Everett an abstinence speaker I once heard who commented on the song Mamba #5. He said that man was never going to be happy because he wasn't man enough to be with one woman. I think that is what the Bachelor is like. None of these men are man enough to be with one woman.

Shows like this make such a mockery of marriage. How sad that no one wants to fight for the long haul anymore. All I can say is that the girl who was dumped walked away with incredible composure.

On the plus side this baby will be arriving in a little over a month. I am so happy this pregnancy was way harder than Wyatt. I can't wait to meet our new little butter bean

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I bet that your new little butter bean will be cute.