Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year

Hello 2011!!! A lot has happened these last few months. I left the hospital went to Green Vision, got an unexpected call from a hospice went there. Loved it but felt uncomfortable with the way the business was being ran and now I am unemployed. Its been a long three weeks looking for a job. I am still looking but God is good and I know if I can keep trusting in him he will provide for us. I am slowly coming to the realization that I will probably be going back to 12 hours shifts, and weekends/holidays but oh well. I will also be applying to be a substitute nurse with the public school systems. It will be nice to have a little extra income.
Wyatt is just as active as ever. During the Holiday Season sometimes he would call Santa Claus and tell him he didn't need anything or that everyone in the family needed slippers. After we took the christmas tree down he called Santa and told him he needed help because Mommy was a bad girl and she needed to go to time out because she was taking down the christmas tree.
Aubriella is continuing to grow in her vocabulary skills and every skill in general. It is so sweet to see the kids interact with each other when they are behaving. They are both such little monkeys and constantly climbing on things they shouldn't be but adventure is a good thing right??
Since is snowed we went out and played and tried to make a snowman but alas the snow is too powdery. The kids really enjoyed playing outside in the snow and its fun to watch them and how they enjoy it.

No Pics this time but soon. We have misplaced the camera and I just haven't remembered where I put it. Some prayers are probably in order to St. Anthony!!

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