Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pro Choice????

I am new to blogging but I have read plenty of blogs. My friend Keeks has had a blog for many years and I read hers all the time so hopefully I will be able to have a blog as exciting and controversial (at times) as hers is.

So let me begin......Today when I was up at 5 am comforting my son I was watching the news and I saw a sign that I felt was a bit of an oxymoron This said a person was holding a sign at a rally the sign said
Pro Life
Pro Family
Pro Choice

What are you kidding me how can you be pro life, pro family yet still be pro choice. Family is life and that means to me if you are pro family then you are pro life.

I look at my son and I couldn't ever think of him not being here or killing him by my decision to be selfish person. I am of the mind that people who are in relationships forget what love is all about at times it is not selfish it is selfless. You are always giving to your love whatever it is they need. I do not deny that it isn't hard to be in this type of relationship but in the end you get back so much more. I love being PRO LIFE. I love being a mom and a wife. So today on this anniversary of Roe V. Wade.

I encourage everyone tho think about their life and what it is that makes them Pro Life or Pro Choice. Lets face it if your love life or you love someone else you should be thankful that their mom was selfless enough to let that person have their life. Thank your mom today I know I will!!

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