Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saint John Paul????

So tonight I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch and I landed on a show on channel 8. This show was all about PJP II and I love PJP II. The love he had for the catholic faith and the love he had for the human race despite its many follies leaves me in awe and wonder. I want to strive to be more like this man. He is a great man and the one instance that strikes me the most about him is when he went to Jerusalem a few years before his death. While there he went to the rabbis and spoke to them and apologized for the wrongs that had been done against the Jewish People. He was trying to build a bridge for peace. I feel that if more people had forgiveness in their heart there would be more peace in the world. I think that today's world does not want to bear the crosses they are given in this life whether it is many small crosses or a large daily cross but look at PJP II he bore his cross with his disease of parkinson's and never once did he show signs of being unfaithful to our loving and merciful GOD. We could all learn something from PJP II. So in today's world when we struggle to see a light of beauty I think we should all look to the beautiful light that PJP II showed to us all even to the minute of his death. I am excited that he is being fast tracked into the world of sainthood. He is an amazing man who did so much good for the world. Through this last week of lent we should all try to show the world the beauty of our light and try to bring peace to everyone we see in our day.

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