Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh the Excitement

So this weekend Wyatt made his second visit to the ER. At 300 am he woke up with a cough and a stuffy nose after every cough he would cry. I knew something was wrong with him then. After taking his temperature and it only being low grade 99.6 the hubby and I decided to embark on the wonderful adventure of taking Wyatt to the ER. Thank God we missed the 4 hour wait to see the doc by about a hour. Nonetheless the visit was still two hours. After finally being seen by someone we found out that Wyatt has the croup. We left the ER about 545. Thank God he went back to sleep on the ride home and slept until about 1000. I guess since it turned out to be a drizzly day none of our plans were really ruined. Randy's parents ended up coming to town and we had lunch we them. They just bought a house closer to town and wanted to show the clan some photos. How exciting now both sets of grandparent will be only about 30 mins away.

Hope everyone has a great week. Go Jayhawks!!!!

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