Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ready Freddy

So the baby bug has officially hit. My sister in law is preggo with her baby and according to the ob she is due any minute. In fact he was surprised she hadn't already had the bundle of joy. Kiks is preggo too and I just feel as though I am ready for number two. I just can't the hubby to committ to baby #2 yet. No matter how hard I try he always tells me that Wyatt isn't ready yet for a baby bro or sis. No matter how hard I try to tell myself I am not ready it just makes me want a baby even more. I am not even sure if it is what God is calling us to right now but I feel as though he is. I keep telling Randino that I just have so much love for Wyatt my heart is overflowing and I am ready to share it with more beautiful gifts from God. Heres to hoping I can get Randy onto baby #2 or get over the baby bug and soon!!!!


Kristi said...

It totally might be a hormonal thing because I remember thinking EXACTLY that way when Mia was about 7 months old. I was sooo sooo soooo ready to have another baby. The only thing that got me to pause with it for awhile was a commitment to myself to try and lose some weight... and wouldn't you know... that I think about the time 5 of those pounds came off is when I got preggo again. Go figure! I'm so excited for you guys to have another baby too. It's fun to make families at the same time!

BTW, sorry I haven't been answering my phone. We have ZERO minutes until Apr 5th and I can never remember which of my friends have Verizon.

Anonymous said...

I think that you should wait - babies are alot of work, and sometimes they smell- diry diapers!

Anonymous said...

why do you only call your "hubby" by weird names? you should call him things like "The King" or "Mr. Sexy" or "The best man in the world" in a reverant and not a sarcastic way. That's what I would do.