Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update on the O's

So the last month has been busy for us not only have we been on the lookout for a new car, we bought our first car as Mr. & Mrs. Yay for us but not so yay that we our having to factor in a car payment into the old budget.

Last week on Thursday the air conditioner broke. Sucky now we have to wait until Thursday or Friday this week for the repair person can take a peek at it. Then on Sunday the garbage disposal broke. Talk about a string of bad luck for Team O.

All in all the little Wyster has been doing well. He plays a mad game of peek a boo and last night while he was playing with Randy it sounded like he almost said peek a boo. It was awesome. We have also been working on standing alone and today he stood for almost a full minute by himself. Sweetness for him. I can't wait until he is walking all on his lonesome.

It is amazing being a mom. God totally had this whole baby making thing right. I look at Wyatt and I can't believe he started out as one little cell and then he grew inside me for 9 months. I think back and this time last year I was 5 month preggo and now he is 9 months and will soon be 1 year old. I think he is growing up too quickly!!!! I just look at him and it makes me want to cry at how blessed our family is.

Enough of the mushy!!! On to how excited I am that the hubster and I agree that we wouldn't care if we got preggo. I am not saying we are preggo because I am not, but how exciting for us that we don't care. If it is God's will we could be preggo anytime. Yay babies!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now. Enjoy some cute photos of the little fellow brought to you by MOM.


Showing Cousin Nic the ropes

Hanging out

Enjoying a Sunday Afternoon!

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