Sunday, August 10, 2008


So we are only 10 days away from Wyatt's first birthday. He has now started to walk more and more. He is so funny as he becomes more vocal and wants to give hugs and kisses. I just love to see his little personality coming out more and more. Last week has been very busy. Randy replaced the garbage disposal and we also got a new faucet. This next two weeks will be super duper busy. Not only do I have to work, I also am taking a class on Friday and Saturday for certification then I work three days in a row to have almost a week off for Wyatt's birthday and getting ready for his party. Enjoy some pics of the little man while he is still an infant.


Jessica said...

you've got a cutie there!

Anonymous said...

your husband sound like the best. he can change his own garbage disposal? I bet he has a nice butt too! That's the coolest. Your son is cute too.