Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Night Away

So this weekend the mister and I had a staycation. We left the bambino with Grandma and Grandpa and Randy and I had a wonderful dinner and we went to our old haunt Mort's and we stayed at the Marriot downtown in Oldtown FABULOUS. I do love a good martini and I had several. Yay to having a few drinks and no baby to worry about. This was my first night away from the Wy Wy so it was a little hard for me to leave him. I did only have one breakdown and cried right before we went to sleep. I can say it was probably good for Wyatt to have some time away from us also. Plus it is nice to have been Randy and Rachel, husband and wife, as opposed to mom and dad even if it was for only about 16 hours. On the plus side before we left to go to Randy's parents house and drop Wyatt off he took 2 steps by himself. I am excited walking looks to be in Wyatt's near future.

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Kristi said...

AMEN to being husband and wife again as opposed to mommy and daddy. It's kinda hard to be both sometimes, huh?

Yeay for staycations!!!

... And don't worry... I totally cried too.