Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Fun & More

So this isn't really in chronological order but here's what we've been up to lately. Wyatt had his hair cut. It was an at home job but I have a serious issue paying 12 for a cut for my 1 year old when a pair of clippers cost 14 and can give me a 100% return on my investment of cutting his hair ourselves. It didn't turn bad but it is different he has lost that little baby look and he looks even more like a big kid.

Last weekend we celebrated Wyatt's first bday with family and close friends. It was very nice and went over really well. All the kids enjoyed themselves and Wyatt received way too many presents.

The last few photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!!!!!

Dad and The Clippers while Wyatt combs his new du

Hanging out while the finishing touches are applied.

The Finished look isn't he handsome????

Rocking Cake.

Enjoying presents

Birthday Party Fun

Too Many Presents


Its a baby!!!!

Due in April!!!!! Check out that glowing new mom!!!!!

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Jessica said...

congratulations Randy and Rachel!