Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So my little bundle of joy is two weeks old yesterday. She is waking up more and she makes the cutest faces. Wyatt is doing well with her and not showing any jealousy towards her yet....we will see how long that lasts.
Aubriella's baptism is this weekend and I am no where close to being ready. With Wyatt I had his baptism invites sent the week he was born, everything was ordered, and all of the table decorations were done, of course I only had one baby then not two. Oh well I will get it all done.

Here are some cute pics of the kids. My mom bought Aubriella this hat with a flower on it that is as big as her head. I couldn't resist dressing her up and putting it on.

This makes a great hat!

Come on Nic let's go for a ride.

Two sleeping monkies!

Lounging on my big dog.

Really mom!!!

Enough of this torture I can barely keep my head up with this big flower on it!

Nic and Wyatt hanging out

Hey monkey!!!

Sandy and Aubriella taking a snooze

I love bubbles

Hey Aubriella what's going on???

Snack Time with Dad!!!!

I love my baby sis!!!!

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