Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter

It just amazes me, I look at Wyatt and think to myself how can you already be almost 2 years old time flies so fast. He is starting to become more verbal and communicate more. Which I really enjoy. Last night in the car we were listening to his cd and oh where oh where has my little dog gone was playing and Wyatt said "Where has my dog gone huh where is he?" It is just so cute. Today he learned the noise the fire truck makes thanks to mommy and how to say tractor.

This time on Monday we will have a new baby and I am sad. Not about the new baby no I just want her out of me and in my arms. I am sad because I am leaving Wyatt to go and have this new baby. It is hard because of the c section I have to stay at the hospital 3-4 days and I just feel like I am abandoning him. First we have to make it through Holy Week and Easter. I like to compare Easter to a marathon for us. I used to say it was like a race but now that we have Wyatt and are preparing for little girl to come the day after there is alot going on.

I work the next two days, Friday is last minute preparations, house cleaning and spending as much time with the big dog as possible. We are going to be brave and try to make homemade marshmallow bunnies and chocolate dipped pnut butter eggs. Then on Saturday it is off to an Easter Egg Hunt at Friends University, then to Zee Casa to decorate Easter eggs. Sunday Morning is Church, breakfast and Easter egg hunt with my family, then to Randy's parents house for lunch and yet another Easter egg hunt. From there we will leave Wyatt and go home. Bright and early on Monday (around 430 am) start to get ready to go to the hospital, check in, preop, and have a baby!!!!!!

So look for a post with all the stats of this little girl, the most awesome name ever to be revealed and possible a pic or two. We will also be texting too, and not to hurt anyone's feelings but this time we are invoking family only on day one but feel free to come visit us on Tuesday or Wednesday. I imagine we will get to go home on Thursday. We are up for visitors on Friday or Saturday but none on Sunday we have to go to Caleb's bday party that day!!!

So to my very few readers out there this is the last post from us until after the new baby is here. Happy Easter and say some prayers that all goes well on Monday and we survive the weekend.

Welcome Home Jose can't wait to see you!!!

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Kim Rausch said...

Good luck, Rachel! We'll be praying for you and your family