Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cows, Horses and Cowboys Oh My Wait with a Birthday Too!

August has been quite the busy month. Wyatt's Grandpa took him to Great Grandma's (Granny as we lovingly call her)House in Pritchett, CO. It was hard for me to let him go because he has only been on one other road trip to Liberal to see his cousin Jenna and only for a night. He went and had quite the adventure. He got to ride the horses with Faith (whom he lovingly calls Maith sorry Faith :(). See the cows. He also to to help feed the chickens and help feed the bottle calves. His two cousins from Texas came up also and joined in on the fun. I know he had a wonderful time with Allison and Lauren. Two days later Randy left with Aubriella and made the trek to CO to pick Wyatt up and even though Brell was reluctant to ride a horse she had a wonderful time with Wolf the dog and helping feed the bottle calves.
I am so sad to have missed their adventures but since I had just started working with Wichita Surgical Specialists I am not eligible to take any vacay yet and I have to save up whatever vacation I can for when this new little bean joins us!
After the CO adventure we were preparing for Wyatt's birthday. Thank goodness for nesting because that really came in handy for me while getting the house cleaned up and more organized.
We had another pool party this year and Wyatt really enjoyed it. We even invited a few friends from preschool to come and he really liked that. The cake turned out better than I expected. I was sad it was a little leaning tower or pisa but oh well it was quite heavy with all of the fondant on it and all! Wyatt really liked the cake and that is all that matters.
All is going well for our little family. Randy started the fall garden and hopefully it will be more bountiful than our summer garden.
This is one pregnant lady who is happy that summer is almost over and that fall is coming upon us quickly because this heat is wearing me out.
I do love the fall and having open windows.

Enjoy the photos and until next post!

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