Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am not quite sure when this 
sweet baby boy......

Became this sweet child

But it happened and it happened right before my very eyes and lately I have been thinking alot about changes.  I have heard from my mommy friends frequently that they hate, loathe, despise CHANGE!!!
I think about the time before Wyatt when Randy and I first got married.  We were ready for change ready for our family.  We were ecstatic about the change that was coming we embraced it.  The change gradually came.  I think God has actually been preparing me for the change of Wyatt's childhood years and the start this new chapter of Elementary School.
Before I even knew I was pregnant change was afoot in my body.  2 cells came together and thus Wyatt began.  Change was amazingly rapid before I found out I was pregnant.  I was elated beyond belief.  I knew then to expect change.  I embraced the change, the good, the bad and the ugly and trust me my friends there was ugly and lots of it.  Wyatt was born and slowly hours became days, days became weeks, the weeks became months and the months became years.  Wyatt has changed physically, mentally and emotionally, so has our family, so have Randy and I as has our marriage.
God has slowly been preparing this family for the change that will take place tomorrow.  Wyatt's first day of Kindergarten is a scary, emotional time for me.  I have a million thoughts and questions in my head about what might happen tomorrow and how this little boy that I love so much will handle this change tomorrow.
The only thing I can do Trust in God and know that this change as the old saying goes "is Good."
So mommy friends I know that this week has been hard on some of us but put this change where it belongs into the hands of God and know that He is and always will be slowly preparing us for the change that is coming if only we open our eyes, ears and hearts to it.  The change that is coming may not be quite as bad as we make it out to be!

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