Monday, August 27, 2012

A Birthday Party

Another Birthday party in the books.  Another year older.  This year Wyatt wanted a party at All Star Sports and we had lots of friends come to join us.  He was definitely excited to see some friends from day care that we haven't seen since he left to start Kindergarten.  Two of them his best Friends S&C and of course their siblings who Aubriella was also so excited to see.  Despite the rain we were lucky enough to have the rain clear off long enough to ride go carts and get in a round of mini golf.  They played games and of course won prizes!
The cake was a vanilla layer and a Wyatt creation Strawberry Coconut with lemon filling.  It was tasty, this little boy of mine could have a future as a cake maker :)!
I of course made the cake and while Wyatt wanted an extravaganza of super heroes IE Transformers, Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Avengers his cake decorator wasn't up for quite a challenge so we went with a Star Wars, Transformers theme and thanks to my husband and Wyatt for his help with decorating the stars I think it turned out pretty nice.  Wyatt was pleased and that is half the battle!

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