Monday, July 21, 2008


As Wyatt quickly approaches the one year mark, it reminds me of how excited I was at this point last year in my pregnancy to have my son. I remember going to doctors appointments and getting to see him in the sonogram. Thinking to myself good god when am I going to have this kid. I was super ready to be holding my baby in my arms and not in my uterus. Now he is so grown up and starting to stand on his own soon he will be taking his first steps and I just am overcome with emotion at times. I can't believe he will be one year old only 30 days from now. Crazy mom that I am I have been planning an extravaganza for about two months now. Our house is being overrun with bday party supplies. I think to myself that I am going overboard on birthday stuff, but then I say to myself you only turn once and it is a most momentous occasion.

Well here's to you Wyatt as we celebrate 11 months today I can not wait to see how much you change in the next month. Will you be walking, will you have said your first word???? Who knows what you will be doing but as your infancy starts to end and your days of your toddler years begin I will be there thinking of the days when I couldn't wait to meet you, how much you have changed and what is next to come for you my little man.

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