Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy Bees!!!!

Sorry it has taken so long for an update but here is what is new with us. We went to Colorado and visited Wyatt's Great Grandmas and we saw Jenna (wyatt's cousin). It is so fun to watch her interact with him. She talks to him like he is a big kid and understands everything she is saying. I just love it and it is super cute. We have been having lots of summer adventures like swimming at the pool. Wyatt is getting so comfortable in the water he tries to put his face in, we have also been to the zoo and we helped move Randy's parents closer to us. Here's a few pics of us. Also keep Randy's boss in your prayers he is very sick.

Wyatt and the Sheep

Too Cute

Yum Jello Cake

Red beer is the best!!!

Wyatt and Granny

Toiler Paper anyone?????

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