Thursday, October 23, 2008

All is Well

Its been awhile since a post.....What has been going on well we went to the pumpkin patch last Saturday. I will post some pics as soon as possible. Then the hubby and I had a romantic night out to celebrate 3 years of marital bliss. Its crazy to think that we have even been together that long but we have. It was a nice evening dinner and a movie and no baby well one baby but that baby was very well behavin.

Tuesday was another prenatal appointment. Baby is growing and we are right on time. Thank goodness second trimester is here. The heart beat was 166 a little on the high side but Wyatt was high his first appointment too and then he started to lower. Only about 4 weeks away from finding out if little O2 is a boy or girl.

That is all the news here. Have a blessed day

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Anonymous said...

little O2 - sounds like a software