Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maybe a Baby????

So Keeks is about to have a baby (I was hoping today but sounds like its stll iffy) and it makes me excited to see this new little U2. It also makes me think how more excited I am to have our little one. I have an appointment on Monday and then I will be able to schedule my sonogram. I know I have already have had 2 sonos but I can't wait to see this baby it is actually becoming more real for me especially since little one is starting to move.

Wyatt is doing well. He is having a little bit of a rough week as is mommy. Dad is out of town again. Halloween was fun Wyatt was a pumpkin and he was very cute if I must say so myself. He is cousin Nic was a frog. I am excited for next year when he will grasp more of what Halloween is.

Well not very exciting around here right now but I promise to post some pics soon.

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