Monday, October 6, 2008

On Our Own

This week The Dub and I are on our own. Dad is out of town in Vegas for a conference. Fun for him but no fun for us. That's okay though we enjoy spending time together. I am so excited because Saturday marked the big 12 so the first trimester is almost over with. Can't wait until second trimester comes along. The plus side will maybe be having more energy and no more throwing up which would be the major bonus for me. Although after I throw up it seems that I am hungry for the rest of the day and the insulin I have been put on for the gestational diabetes is not seeming to help at the current moment. Oh well I will suffer through anything for this baby. I am just glad that so far everything is as it should be. Well here is to a few more days of being a single parent. Thank God for my parents though they take very good care of us when Randy is away.

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