Friday, November 7, 2008

Boy or Girl????

So first off Congrats to Kristi, Andrew and Mia on their new little addition Vincent Joseph. How exciting and without the drugs even better. Good Job Momma!!!!

Hopefully the O's will be finding out if their little budle of joy will be needing pink or blue next week. I am hoping for a boy just cause I love Wyatt so much and I just feel as though I am not quite ready for a little girl. Also I have so many boy clothes. I just inherited even more from my sis in law who had little Caleb in April last year so I am already set for those seasons.

I love it, I am so neurotic I want a boy so badly that I have done like 8 million chinese lunar calendars and I get disheartened when it says girl. I am just going through a stage where I don't even want another baby right now. Which is crazy if you had asked me in June if I was ready for #2 I would have said HELL YEAH. In July though I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I wanted more space between my bambiners and didn't want to try to have another baby until the spring. I currently feel like a terrible mom cause I don't even want to be a mom again right now. I just remind myself daily that God has a plan boy or girl and soon I will be out of my funk and wanting this child to be out of utero as much as I wanted Wyatt out of utero.

I must admit holding little Vince did make me a tiny bit jealous. It is so amazing to hold the fruits of your 9 month labor and to look at that little baby and know in your heart that God is truly amazing and he had it all figured out from the beginning. To know that you have been apart of something so beautiful and filled with love is just speechless, breathless and fulfulling at one time. Words cannot even begin to describe the emotions you have all at once when you carry that child and then hold it in your arms. Truly our children hold our hearts in their hands. I think I am slowly becoming more excited about this new little one as I type.

Whatever you are little one know that I will love you with all my heart.

So I am hoping for a boy but I must admit the girl name we have picked out is pretty rockin and I would like to use it someday.

Tell me what your guess is and if your lucky we might be willing to share the sex of the baby with you when we find out in the next week or two.



Kristi said...

Sorry, chicky, but I'm totally thinking girl on this one.

Ray said...

We find out November 19th but we are still discussing the whole telling everyone else situation. So it could be a surpise for everyone except for mommy, daddy, and Wyatt!!!

Julie B said...

I don't know...I think little boy, but I thought boy for Kristi too...maybe I'm just on a little boy kick right now! :)

Wyatt's Mommy said...

Today at the OB's office the heart beat was 143 so it is dropping but heart rate is the least reliable wive's tale. Although I am not clining on Randy and my mom says if you aren't clingy then its a boy and if you need your husband around 24/7 its a girl. Only a week and a half until we find out.