Saturday, November 15, 2008

Evil Knievel????

What an exciting week for the O's. Monday night during bath time Wyatt stood up (yes it is a big no no but they move so quit there was no time to stop him) hit his chin on the other side of the tub and bled all over mommy and his towel. Hence prompting a run to Minor Emergency. So I grab him out of the tub check out the cut and tell Randy we have to go. Throw on a diaper grab a blanket and some PJ's we jumped in the car. He laughed and was all chatty all the way to Minor Emergency. Thank God we made it right in time. They were closing in 10 minutes. Wyatt ran all over the lobby after his PJ's were on and climbed on everything. I asked him if he had not learned his lesson from the tub incident. Of course he had to get 5 stitches, no fun for a little guy. After the stitches incident he was Mr. Happy man all the way home. He is such a daredevil.

On the plus side baby #2 has a nickname now. This baby moves so differently than Wyatt did. Sometimes it feels like baby is tickling me from the inside out. My bro in law said the baby was itchy tickly. I now call baby ITO. Its funny even when we knew Wyatt was a boy we called him LB throughout most of the pregnancy. My sis and bro called their baby Eduardo thoughout her pregnancy. It does help me to feel closer to the little one. Crazy but we are a nickname kind of family. Wednesday is the big day. We find out what we are having. I am excited about that but also the fact that we can see how baby is doing.

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